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Broadway West is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of children through an arts education.
Our professional teachers devote themselves to provide instruction in dance, music, drama, and a professional theatre experience.
We use musical theatre as a tool to inspire children and adults to open up and shine, and we instill in them confidence so they
can do the work necessary to reach their dreams. The collaboration of two such professional enterprises results in quality for
your family.

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Broadway West!…We Are Simply the Best!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I just want to say I love teaching and my family.. Its my birthday soon and I always miss from my inside out my brother Don.. What a great guy you all would of loved him . He never let his life drift to the negative even when he was very sick! It was always what I can do for you. He was a great performer ,dancer singer. He produced a show called” Rats” An off Broadway show,it had great reviews Oh! he also directed it and choregraphed the show .. We, the family have the rights to it as well as many other shows we have all done, and will do it.. But I just wished all of you at Broadway West knew him.. He was very proud and intelligent as to who he was .. Not a whisperer in the bunch about who he was . A great MAN .. I am proud to be his little sister. A great talent and great man I MISS HIM. Love and Happy Birthday To me Don Swanson’s Little Sister.

  2. I wish I could have known him, from all the stories I’ve heard, he sounds just awesome! He has left behind an awesome legacy, you and Topher have your work cut out for you! Many thanks for everything all of you do, the kids are amazing, and have a great chance of making it in the arts!

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