America’s Got Talent Audition Reflection

Hey there, If you want to comment on our trip..this is where you put it.

The trip to Los Angeles on Friday went smoothly even with the scary part on Cajon Pass (on the 15). On Saturday, the Express Company did an awesome job for their audition, they were really amazing. The kids did a quick rehearsal before walking to the convention center at 7am and the whole thing was over by 10am. Afterwards, the kids went an ate in groups at the food court at Macy’s Plaza and perused the books at the Borders in the underground mall. In the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Gomez gave us a great treat with a 5 hour bus tour around Hollywood, Santa Monica, Bel Air, Rodeo, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles. Our day ended at the Santa Monica Pier where we ate dinner and checked out the games and the rides before the bus ride back to the hotel. It was a pretty full day for all of us. On Sunday, we all left to come home.